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The Power of “NO” – Learn to Refuse

Do you find yourself in a position where you are unable to refuse to a person and you get stuck in a situation you cant get out of? (nodding as it often happens). You are not alone and you know that already, its quite normal for some people to have inability to refuse to something when people ask them a favour or task or whatsoever that might have an answer no in back of your mind. But we all know this so why am I pointing out on something that has no new side to it? It is because, even though I am in the guilty party of people who are often stuck in situation because they should have said no to something and didn’t but I learned one important thing that those who know how to say no, have conquered a power within them. We all have it, we just need courage to find it and embrace the power of no.

Saying No means you are sincere while saying yes when you should have refuse is insincerity not just with the person but with yourself as well. Saying no means you know your worth and you respect yourself as well as the other person. You know how stuck you will be as you have accepted or agreed upon something that you simply couldn’t refuse to. You will do the task for the sake of it and this is the worst kind of justice to yourself and yes to another person as well.

A no that is sincere is better than a yes that is a burden! Doing a favour for someone that you can do or often do and feel comfortable in doing so is smooth but once you know that you will have to mess a few things in your routine and opt a path that is not comfortable to ensure other person’s task is done is exploiting; Remember its you who have the power and its somewhere within.

Accept that : abusive relationships, unhappy jobs, peer pressure, long term obligations, short term discomforts and so much more are norms in our society because we are afraid to stand up for ourselves. A no is not just going to save you from a bad relationship or an unhappy job, it will save the society from negative vibes, mental issues and an unhealthy individual. You are a society’s asset: who has to spread goodness, produce lives, bring about growth, and what not. Without a simple no, you deprive the society with all that.

If you are a teenager say no to the drugs your friends want you to have, if you want to move on say no to the rebound relationship, if you don’t want to adopt the profession your elders want to learn to say no. Your inability to say no means the next generation suffers, they haven’t learn to stand up and be brave enough to refuse what is thrown upon them. Another bunch of individuals go waste for the society.

It is not easy to bring the power within you in a verbal form, because you believe your yes can change the world but you see now that you are unaware of what a no instead could lead to. You will learn to refuse, eventually but there is a whole process behind it. You need to give the room to the real refusal that comes from within, accept that you have inability to refuse, analyse the problems you create instead and believe there is a need of the word no.

Sometime we need self discipline in life more than the discipline outside: which means we need to say no to our urges and cravings, we need to say no to ourselves. Saying no to the urge of letting go of life, saying no to harmful toxins, saying no to the urge to shop, eat, drink, work etc. overtime. The same procedure of accepting, analysing and believing applies here as well. You just need to be brave enough to do that!

Once you obtain the power of rightfully saying no: you free yourself, you strengthen yourself and before you know you have the power. Which is when you make your own worth and have respect in who you are and the rest of the world follows. Sometimes it is still difficult to refuse, mostly to myself but I follow the procedure and when I am unable to refuse, I accept I have an issue. You don’t want to slack over here, you cant slack when it comes to standing up to yourself, you are answerable to yourself.

A no you ought to say means peace of mind, means productivity and balance and we all deserve that in life, standing up for yourself today means you will bring peace, productivity and balance to the society tomorrow. Believe that the world needs more of all this, and as you do, you will see you will know when to say yes and when to say no and that is the real power. A superpower and which makes you a hero and the world needs more of those.

Say No to to the yes you don’t mean from the depth of your heart!



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