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An Open Letter to the Misfits of the Generation

To those who feel they don’t fit in,

Putting yourself in the category of misfit was a task that rather needed to be analyzed back in olden days but now it is something everyone keeps themselves away from being a misfit. Being a misfit is not usual now; being able to fit in simply requires being a part of Instagram, SnapChat or at most being someone who supports the bizarre fashion of all the illicit acts of modern feminist groups.

Misfit now is simply someone who has a hard copy of a book in his hands instead of the latest IPhone, someone is speaks opposite of the norm the rest of us is following. You don’t party hard on Zain Malik’s latest album you are a misfit, you are pointing out on how Barack Obama has done his share of the puppet act in America you are a misfit, you do anything that is out of the context of turning you into the social zombie you are a misfit. Here is something for all those who feel that they won’t fit in today’s generation. There are always those who don’t fit in every generation; it is not the case of just this one. The people who don’t fit are actually those who make the difference in the world and the time that is coming.

Thomas Edison was a misfit in his own time, Sir Isaac Newton never use to fit into his class mates. Steve Jobs Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, these were the misfits who changed the outlook of the world we live in today. If you feel you are struggling too hard and still cannot run the race everyone is running than believe in yourself, in your own context you are in your own era and time. It might be different but it is your own. The misfits are made to make a difference; they are the inventors, believers, warriors, and leaders because they bring the evolution into the world, without them the world wouldn’t change. Every innovative individual has a story of struggle in how he or she led a different life that the people around them. Be it fashion, medicine, IT, Entrepreneurship, whatsoever the field is the misfits are the ones who bought evolutionary effect into the norms of these industries. JK Rowling got rejected by publishers for more than ones, and now we believe in Hogwarts more than we believe in the existence of aliens.

If you feel like you are trying too hard to fit in, stop fighting it, embrace the difference you are looked upon as. People who point out that you are not fitting into the rules they made just proves that you are you have everyone’s attention for starters, so whatever you do next is about to be judged for, so make sure it is something worth it.

Miss fits are the chosen ones; they talk and think differently and gain attention for it because they are not doing what the rest of the world is. When you are different and stand up for what you think and voice out your thoughts there are other struggling people like you find a wave of familiarity and they begin to feel they are not alone in the world that are trying to fit into norms that are unacceptable for others. A misfit doesn’t bother others with his ideology because he knows most of these people are never going to understand or relate the views I have, he can look past the norms and into the core reality. They don’t fall for persuasive advertisements that are made to create demand for things you never actually need. They can understand the conspiracy created behind an economic issue and don’t follow the lead. There are few people like these and their ideologies come from research and remembrance, they have had the taste of history just like everyone but the only difference is some people read the surface of the issue while the others read between the lines. When you read history, you apply the correspondence from it to the current situation. You actually view things from the perspective that comes from various influences and then provide your own alloy of the truth.

Everyone has their own way of viewing things, the reality is some believe in what is trending while others know the cause of it. To have an ideology that might make you look outlandish is still better than following an ideology that is spoon fed to us. Why believe what is said by others when we are fit to do the research and make our own conclusions. Walking on a path just because everyone else is too won’t get you somewhere new and the place where everyone is going is not actually a destination, it is just a manifestation for people to trends that are going to an extent.

To all those who are walking on the earth with knowledge and believes of their own, don’t feel you are stupid because you think differently than what others see. Struggling to fit is not what you are here for, I know what I am here for, and if you don’t, you just have to keep looking while believing in what you are doing.  

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