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Be Kind To Yourself in These 6 Ways

The world is a harsh place, if not always, most of the times and in a place like this you need to be kind to others but first to yourself! there is no other way to say it and so I said it, just like that. We all have a long list of priories, responsibilities and a way we need to act as and when we start the adult life. It is when you realize you weren’t ready for so much maturity and professionalism but too late it hits you unexpectedly. In the period of fulfilling responsibilities and being professional we all forget being kind to ourselves and let’s not ignore how important is taking care and investing in yourself. Winning is great, all those late night projects, screen time, all nighters, all the efforts, gives you the fruit of hard work but lets not forget the investment we need to make on ourselves, the time we need to give to the self being and the kind treatment our body and soul needs. The question is how? We all know the answer but have forgotten as we are busy running the race of life. So here is a reminder with the ways you need to start being kind to yourself.

Update and Upgrade

Yes its good that your try so hard to update your product, the design, the advertisement, packaging, you even update the apps every now and then. Although we forget to upgrade our own self. With the world changing so fast, you need to keep up with the pace and change yourself inside out. Get a makeover from now and then, change a bit of your wardrobe, wear different colours. While learn a new language, may be a sport or a new hobby. All this will not only keep you upgraded but refreshed and when you get back to work after all this you will have a new perspective. A simple way to invest and yet being kind to your own self.

Sip The Cocktail

When was the last time you sipped a cocktail with yourself, without the pressure of being in a meeting or a date. Like being free in club or the beach. You might have had a night partying but was it calming? did the flavours of cocktail hit your soul or the brain? If yes, you are going right but if you don’t remember how the last sip of your favourite beverage made you feel you need to be kind to yourself and start sipping the calming effects without any pressure. Juice up yourself and give yourself time out when you are treating your taste buds. Let it be just you and the Pina Colada!

Read Calmly

When was the last time you read a sentence very calmly? Each word clear and separately! Not unless you might be reading a text from David Beckham! We are so used to scanning our eyes endlessly through emails, newsletters, texts, articles, CVs, reports and what not. Reading is supposed to be more than just information, which is why we need read very calmly from time to time. I sometime wish I could just go on a two week reading vacation and read a book like I am dwelling into it, too bad the world eh cooperate world doesn’t understand reading vacations but if you do stop yourself this weekend and read that novel like you are drinking it down and you will feel renowned.

The Night Stroll

The fast pace rides in cars, planes, subways travelling from one place to another in a blink of an eye has left us exhausted. You need to get rid of the life ending jet lag and go on a night stroll, on your own or may be with friend, pet but just walking under the sky without the aim of reaching somewhere. The stroll will bring back life in you and you will realize the stars still shine the way you want them to and the night sky is as beautiful as you have left it when you were a wandering soul.

Spend on Yourself

Yes it is true, the world has gotten an expensive place and spending on yourself at times is not the priority because the expenses are already on the hike, the savings are for future and the capital needs to go in to the business. What about the investment you need to feel happy, let’s just say it this way: Just go and buy those shoes, get that spa, or go on that road trip you keep dreaming about. Just do it, spend on yourself and you will have a lot more opportunities to earn the money when you are back from slaying life

Breathe and Be Kind 

Just breathe! We have all been there when projects fail, meeting go bad, investments go on loss and the campaigns don’t work out and you don’t need to punish yourself for all this. Just breathe and let go, move and 1. because you are wasting your time when you can be thinking of plan B 2. because sometimes failure needs to be celebrated as well, it just means you are not perfect and mistakes give you an opportunity to learn so just breathe and be kind!

In the world full of technological innovations and investment be kind soul!  




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