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What happens when a writer has no muse?

You might have wondered how a writer comes up with blog posts, inspiring articles or as a matter of fact novels. This question is often randomly raised by people who have difficulty in compiling a mere sentence and have no interest in writing far so ever. In order to let them know writers aren’t people who just sit and start compiling wonders of words to take you away, it takes every freaking idea from the nook and corner of their brains and yet they come up with none at times and that’s what happens to the writers with no muse, they are often blank!

What an idea?

I just read in an article how the best writers are the best thieves, and yet in the world full of stories I am writing my own muse less thoughts because sometimes you can’t even steal an idea as you don’t know where to go. A muse less writer is like a rabbit lost in a maze it had no idea where to go and where it is now but it keeps going and doesn’t stop until it is free and while the writer keeps writing and editing till he has what is called a piece for the blog. Until he knows he has something unique enough to keep your attention for a while.

Confession: So I spent the entire afternoon on sites that tells me how to write a great blog post yet none of them gave me an idea on what to write about. While no one probably wants to read a blog post of a lost writer who thinks herself as a rabbit.

Google doesn’t really help!

Do you think just like all the problems of the world Google has muse for lost writers then you are wrong because in such times even Einstein’s great mind won’t help to find a muse only the writer himself can spark an idea and sometimes out of the blue when you are not even trying list of ideas starts banging your brain and you have to note them down before another session of muselessness*.

PS: writers tend to invent words you never heard of*

But here is what really happens

A writer always has a way with words even if they have no muse, thus they let the words lead the way to see where it goes. sometimes the words will be compiled in to a wonderful post or an article while most of the time the muse less writer wouldn’t still be satisfied but even without a muse what the words did with her isn’t too bad and if you knew how he came up with all this you would at least appreciate their effort but you don’t.

There is no such thing as a muse less writer because if there was you wouldn’t be reading this post because a writer needs inspiration to create a piece and it may take her days or even weeks but he will find it. A writer is never on vacations he is either reading to write or writing to read.

Yes we do have skeletons in our closets and by skeletons I mean writings we don’t publish because either they are so bad they need to be killed or they are so good you need accurate time and place or to be honest real audience till the hidden art work can become public. There is also the third category here “the incomplete pieces of writings” that we try to put together and conclude often but are unable to because at times even we run out of words but they always come back to us in their own time.

So who is to be blamed

OK I will get to put out my fuss by saying this, it has gotten difficult to write real pieces and all the blame goes to the lack of readers who would rather read the tabloids that gives them all the details about Kim kradashian’s birthday bash then reading about the truth the prevails the real things on the earth. So yes we writers do suffer a lot at times because we don’t really want our writings to sell so you can read it once and forget about it, we want to be able to change lives, provide solutions, inspire and leave you a bit exhausted with the truth so you are able to come back and read some more. The lack of readers has often caused a writer to doubt and so in case you worry about writing might become an obsolete skill you can help by start reading.

Yes more of this is true, just like the calculator, the calendar, the watch companies have suffered with technology so have the book compilers and publishers, maybe some of us have forgotten the bliss of holding a book our hands but just like people who still wear watches know the time might have made watches go out of fashion but time itself never goes out of custom and books seem to be getting out of our leagues as well but it is all to us to make sure that words don’t go out of fashion, until then a writers going to do what a writers got to do.



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