Socializing is mentally healthy for us but if we do it in the right way. just communicating with the world isn’t what exactly is socializing but leaving an affect and making your communication worthy is the right way of socializing, physical appearance and body language isn’t the key to win people in the business world it involves a lot on what you are saying and how you are delivering it and not just professionally but also when you are socializing with random people.

Here are some common social habits people have that are all wrong:

Complaining to gain attention

A young couple arguing at the breakfast table

Complaining while talking to people is spreading negative vibes among them and it is a habit most people have. You may gain attention of people this way but only for a while if you keep complaining about everything while you talk people will start ignoring you, sharing your stress and worries with friends is one thing but constantly nagging about everything that is negative will make even the best of your friends run for the door so avoid complaining while you are in conversation even about common topics like taxes, inflation or weather.

Fishing for complements


This is the worst kind of attention seeking habit people often have while they are between friends, it sounds something like “you look nice today” while the complement fisher replies “oh no look how tired my eyes are I just got this ready on the last minute” this is called fishing for compliments it makes you sound insecure and is something you should immediately stop doing instead of making a self- effacing remarks about the compliments just accept it and say thank you.

Focusing on your inner voice more than the person talking

focusing on inner voice

We often do this while we talk to our friends or family, especially when either your spouse or your kids tell you about how their day went we pretend to listen while we are actually planning what to cook for dinner people who are special to us deserved to be listen to undivided attention is a great gift to be given to our loved once and believe me we can tell the difference between pretending to listen and being actually heard so quit this habit and keep all your thoughts aside for a while pay attention to the conversation and make eye contact while you talk.

Multi tasking


This habit is something almost every house is suffering from nowadays we take it normal to talk to someone while you are on your phone texting, facebooking or checking your instagram well it should be stopped because it is not normal in fact it comes under out most form of etiquette Yes! Even in front of our loved once it annoys the person who is talking so stop no matter what other activity you are doing watching TV or eating while you are on the phone.

Cutting people off mid sentence

cutting of mid sentance

Ok no! No exception for anyone in this, don’t interrupt a conversation or cut someone off in the middle of the sentence it is not acceptable unless you are having a stroke, cutting people off is the habit of those who value their own thoughts over anyone who is currently speaking, if you have this habit quit it because the next time people see you they are going to hide underneath the nearest table.

Judging others


This is the most annoying habit on this list according to me, really!  because I am afraid of being judged by people and so I avoid opening up to them, if you see that in conversation a person being judgmental about other people even if you agree with them at times you start to feel weird with such people it’s like this person is judging me too and soon he will be talking to someone else about me like he is talking to me about this other person and if you have this habit you really need to stop or else you are going to have a bunch of people around you who are afraid to show you who they really are.



 When you speak you are actually opening up your inner self and you want to see the other person supporting you and responding you even if it is with an assuring nod or bit of expressing on your face and making eye contact time to time in fact this all is natural if you really are into the conversation it is when you are not when you need to focus on our reaction so other person doesn’t think we are actually day dreaming but don’t be robotic while listening to other people.

Lying while you talk


People often lie while they socialize with others and it is funny to me how badly they do that I mean I can totally read it on your face so stop it, keep up with your facts while you talk and don’t exaggerate about stuff people often laugh at such type of people like I do! Really! No offence! And if you don’t want friends like me, talk straight without cooking up a steamy story.

Make sure to avoid these common habits while talking to people. Be who you are in front of everyone a blind date, a business meeting or your closest friend if you want to keep them.