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10 best Buzzfeed quizzes you need to take right now

There is nothing better than spending your time at by now we are have experienced its addictive nature as it features interesting humorous articles, fun videos and my favorite part are the quizzes thus fun filled time on internet which is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, talking about quizzes there are number of quizzes to take and mind you they tell your personality quite accurately.

Here are the best Buzzfeed quizzes you need to take right now

What Career Should You Have Based On Your Food Preferences?


This quiz isn’t just waste if time, not only is it perfectly accurate, I can say that because just by knowing the choice of my favorite food and drinks the quiz was able to direct me that I should be a writer which is something I already am means the day I did this quiz on the Buzzfeed site it made my day, in case you are confused about your career you should defiantly take this quiz.

I Bet You Can’t Get Through This “Would You Rather” Quiz


Well if you ask me I got too excited when I saw this quiz that I am waiting for the right moment to take it, the moment when I have nothing else in my mind and I am fully focused and believe me the choices are such that they might question your motives in life so I can’t really say that how it is possible or not to get passed this quiz so to find it out yourself take this fun quiz

Your McDonald’s Order Will Tell Us Your Exact Age


I can’t tell you much about the accuracy of this test but I believe by filling out your McDonalds order in this quiz not only will you really want to order McDonalds but this quiz will reveal the age of your inner person mine was older than me so I will agree with it because I am an old soul, if you believe you have a child hidden within you take this quiz and find out

Which Food Network Star Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


I don’t know about you but I have a strong believe in what the stars reveal about who you are according to your zodiac sign but don’t be serious this quiz only tells you who from the food network can be a match to your personality just by your zodiac sign and I am sure you all are as keen as me to find out.

Which Hogwarts House Would You Be Sorted Into Today?


The craze of Harry Potter series never went away and now as the curse child has been out everyone is even more existed thus it is the best time to take this quiz if you haven’t had it yet answer a few questions and it will lead to you to your particular Hogwarts house so what if we don’t have the access to Pottermore the sorting hat thanks to Buzzfeed we have this quiz.

Which Harry Potter Character Are You Based On Your Fast Food Preferences?


Though just to be sure you can take this another quiz that will tell you which Harry Potter character you are, if the house and the character match with each other than good going Buzzfeed but just in case it doesn’t I think you need the sorting hat for good

This Quiz Will Help You Decide What Sugary Treat To Make


To all those who don’t know what you have for dessert, this is just the solution Buzzfeed has for you just answer the questions according to what you are in the mood to have for dessert it will not only tell you what your sweet tooth craves right now but will provide you with an accurate recipe can there be something more perfect than this?

How Well Do You Remember Phoebe’s Funniest Lines From “Friends”?


No matter who your favorite character is in the classic FRIENDS series let’s all admit Phoebe never failed to make you laugh and we all looked forward to when she cracks a line so let’s see how good you remember those take this quiz to find out.

9 Ridiculously Hard Decisions for Anyone Who Loves Hot Guys and Pizza


Ok this is just the quiz you need if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed because nothing is better at making you feel better than hot guys and pizza but let’s see what you choose if both are presented in front of you while taking this one I kind of got stuck with Zac Efron over there but for me pizza won after all, brace yourself before being challenged because you might lose and not know what your heart prefers more a slice of cheesy pizza or the over loaded hotness of Channing Tatum

Which Disney Song Are You?


Of course you might be thinking why I have not mentioned Disney in my article yet because you all know I can’t get over with the piece of writing without Disney so take this quiz to show your Disney obsession and see what Disney song is about you

Gosh! This addiction I am starting to have with Buzzfeed quizzes

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